Stephen Fewell - Guitarist

Writer, Producer, Jazz Musician, hailing from Australia with an extensive history of more than 30 years playing in various bands in Australia, and a number of record releases, recording artist with Public Records from the UK.

Featured performer on Kanal Jazz out of Paris France.

Writing Production Music, composed for TV/radio in Spain, Japan, USA (New York Fashion Week), Australian TV, Hong Kong and UK (various Fashion shows).

TV & Radio Production Music available from Adrenalin Sounds Recordings -

Songs written for artists - Snowflake (Emily Richards) USA, Ciggi Burns UK, Loveshadow USA, Gizella UK, available from, iTunes, cdbaby.


Various songs have been played on Kiss FM UK, Solar Radio UK and EU with “That’s How You Like It” rising to number 20 on the Solar Radio music charts.

“Disco Sunrise” released last year on Public Records out of the UK harks to the Salsoul days of unadulterated disco.

Songs have been included on the German compilation cd “ – Jazz Trip Hop”, as well as Germany’s “Pure Music” compilation, with DJ Hektor Thillet including a song on the 2012 compilation "THE SAVVY AND THE CHIC" vol.7.

“Sooner or later one must surrender to Stephen Fewell’s lounge disco with strong references to the likes of Salsoul orchestra and the whole orchestral disco era in the later half of the seventies. Old enough to have experienced Studio54? Close your eyes and you can probably relive Bianca Jagger riding in on that white horse. ” Reviewed by Timberman - Editors Pick ""

Playing Live – Classics from the Golden Era of Jazz, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s