*UPDATE* 2017 - Music selected by Canale Italia television network for a local TV drama with the songs released in Italy.

Public Records recording artist, international performer, writer, producer, Jazz Musician, hailing from Australia with an extensive history of more than 30 years playing in various bands in Australia, and a number of record releases. Song recently picked up by Zedd Records from Canada "Pour Your Love" sung by Ciggi Burns, written by Stephen Fewell added for release.
Currently, writing Production Music, composed for TV/radio in Spain, Japan, USA (New York Fashion Week), Australian TV, Hong Kong and UK (various Fashion shows).

TV & Radio Production Music available from Adrenalin Sounds Recordings - www.adrenalinsounds.com

Songs written for artists - Snowflake (Emily Richards) USA, Ciggi Burns UK, Loveshadow USA, Gizella UK, available from www.amazon.com, iTunes, cdbaby.